Sigma fp Mirrorless Full Frame Digital Camera


  • World’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera
  • Robust & lightweight aluminum body
  • Dust and splash-proof structure
  • Full-time electronic shutter
  • Face/Eye Detection AF
  • HDR Shooting


  • Daily: $125.00
  • Weekly: $375.00
  • Weekend: $187.50


The Sigma fp camera is the world’s smallest and lightest “pocketable full-frame” mirrorless camera.

Sigma fp employs a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame image sensor with 24.6 effective megapixels and a full-time electronic shutter, enabling to shoot virtually without sound, and no camera shake due to shutter shock.

Even when shooting in quick succession at a frame rate of 18 frames/sec., it eliminates the tiniest of shakes. In addition, as opposed to conventional mechanical shutters, it does not cause irregularities on the screen display in a high-speed shutter setting.

Supports full-fledged filmmaking

For raw video data, the SIGMA fp camera supports 12-bit CinemaDNG external recording. With 4K UHD/24fps recording, it produces video data that can be used even in filmmaking. It also supports ALL-I recording which is optimal for editing H.264 compressed videos. For video output, it uses USB3.1 (GEN1), which allows smooth data transmission to an external recording unit. As it also supports cinema camera-like user interfaces, the SIGMA fp is a camera that can be taken straight to video production settings.

Seamless transition between Still and Cine modes

Going from the Still mode to the Cine mode at the flip of a switch. Each mode comes with a specially designed operating system and displays, making it possible to concentrate on shooting in each mode, stress-free.

Sigma fp camera Main Features

World’s smallest & lightest

With overall dimensions of 112.6×69.9×45.3mm and body weight of 370g, without battery and card, the SIGMA fp is the world’s smallest and lightest* interchangeable lens camera equipped with a full-frame sensor.

No low-pass filter

Because the SIGMA fp does not have a low-pass filter, it is able to capture images without losing the resolution of the sensor.

Aluminum body

A body covered with die-cast aluminum on the front and the back ensures superior robustness and heat dissipation while keeping the bodyweight light.

Dust- & splash-proof structure

The SIGMA fp is protected with the dust- and splash-proof sealing on a total of 42 points over the camera’s body. When combined with a dust- and splash-proof lens, the SIGMA fp will be ready for shooting in any environment.

High-precision AF

The SIGMA fp employs high-precision contrast AF, available in three modes: Single AF,  Continuous AF, and Manual Focus. There are 49 AF points to choose from, as well as Free Movement mode, and tracking AF modes.

Full-time electronic shutter

The SIGMA fp employs a full-time electronic shutter, enabling to shoot virtually without sound, and no camera shake due to shutter shock. Even when shooting in quick succession at a frame rate of 18 frames/sec., it eliminates the tiniest of shakes. In addition, as opposed to conventional mechanical shutters, it does not cause irregularities on the screen display in a high-speed shutter setting. Furthermore, the absence of a mechanical shutter makes the SIGMA fp’s camera structure simpler, which in turn improves its reliability as a camera.

Low light AF

The SIGMA fp incorporates the low light AF, which enables AF to work even in a low light condition. Shooting is available at the light level down to 5EV.

Large choice of dedicated accessories

The SIGMA fp is complemented by a wide choice of dedicated accessories, expanding the possibilities of how one uses the camera.

Electronic image stabilization

Comes with the electronic image stabilization (EIS) function. Taking advantage of the electronic shutter, the SIGMA fp is capable of instantaneously taking four frames ( two when movie recording), comparing them, and creating a composite image into a still image or video with minimum blur.

External power supply

By using a DC connector (CN-21) (sold separately), the SIGMA fp can be powered from an AC power adaptor or a V-mount battery plate.

Face/Eye Detection AF

In addition to Face Priority, the SIGMA fp also has Eye Priority AF. The camera will automatically detect the eyes of a human subject, allows bringing them into focus instantly and precisely.

Enhanced ISO

The SIGMA fp’s native ISO settings range between 100 and 25600. With the enhanced ISO settings, an even larger choice of sensitivity with ISO 6, 12, 25, 50, 51200 and 102400 is available.

ISO Auto

In ISO Auto mode, the lower and upper limit of the ISO range can be set at will.

Flicker -control shooting

The SIGMA fp detects and controls image flickering, a phenomenon that can occur when shooting with artificial light sources.

Large choice of color modes

The SIGMA fp offers as many as 12 different color modes. Color modes available: Standard; Vivid; Neutral; Portrait; Landscape; Monochrome; Cinema; Teal and Orange; Sunset Red; Forest Green; FOV Classic Blue; FOV Classic Yellow

Color mode adjustment

The SIGMA fp offers a selection of color modes, where color tone and contrast tuned to best suit different shooting scenes. It has also newly introduced the “effect” slider to its adjustment menu. It sets the strength of an effect to apply in 11 levels, from -5 to +5, enabling the fine-tune for the color mode effects.

Tone control

Optimizes a tone curve to adjust an image with natural tones even in a high contrast scene. In addition to the two already available options (Strong /Mild ), a manual setting option has newly been introduced, which allows users to adjust the tone curve by themselves.

HDR Shooting

Taking advantage of an electronic shutter to take multiple pictures of different exposures (3 frames for still photography and 2 frames for video) at once, which can then be merged into a single picture or video with a great dynamic range and a natural look, all in-camerea.

* The HDR shooting in the Cine mode is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Fill Light

The SIGMA fp has within its body a “Fill Light” function, which is useful to adjust the brightness of an image by adding extra light energy into the shadow regions without altering the exposure of highlighted regions. The adjustment range, which was formerly ±2.0, has been expanded to ±5.0, making it possible to fine-tune the brightness even more.


The SIGMA fp can be used to create cinemagraphs in-camera, which are animated GIFs, in which parts of a still image keep moving (Length of up to 5 seconds).

Sigma fp features for Still Photography

DNG format

Supports DNG (Digital Negative) format for raw data recording in the Still mode. Data can be edited on SIGMA Photo Pro and a number of other DNG-compatible image development software.

14-bit processing

The SIGMA fp can record lossless compressed 14-bit RAW (DNG ) files for still photography. It can also shoot in RAW+JPEG simultaneously.

High-speed shutter

The SIGMA fp is capable of taking pictures at shutter speeds of up to 1/8,000 sec.

Focus peaking

The focus peaking function highlights the edges of the parts of the scene that are in focus in a color (of the choice from among 4 colors). It quickly identifies which parts of the subject are in focus.


The SIGMA fp has a wide range of aspect ratios to choose from. With the newly introduced “A size” mode, it shoots in √2:1, which is the A size standards. Aspect ratios available: [21:9] / [16:9] / [3:2] / [ A size (√2:1)] / [4:3] / [7:6] / [1:1]


Has an automatic bracketing function with settings for ±3 EV.

Auto crop

When using one of DC lenses (SIGMA’s APS-C lenses), the SIGMA fp has the option of cropping the shots automatically to the APS-C angle of view.

Sigma fp features for Cinema

Director’s viewfinder

Comes with a director’s viewfinder function that allows the user to simulate different framings of cinema cameras from select manufacturers. Cinema cameras supported:[ ARRI ] ARRICAM / ARRIFLEX, ALEXA LF·ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA SXT / ALEXA Mini / AMIRA / ALEXA 65 / ALEXA XT


* The feature of recording/playing video with the director’s viewfinder function enabled is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Dynamic range of 12.5 stops

With a dynamic range of 12.5 stops*, the SIGMA fp enables video shooting with a great dynamic range. * At 12bit Cinema DNG.

Supports UHD 4K/24, 25&30 fps

Capable of shooting UHD 4K (3840 × 2160) videos at 24, 25 or 30 fps.

Supports FHD/60 fps

Capable of shooting high-speed FHD (1920 × 1080) video at max. 60 fps.


The SIGMA CINE LENS line of lenses, which are SIGMA’s interchangeable lenses for video shooting, are compatible with the SIGMA fp. It also supports T  value-based transmission*1.

Supports ALL-I recording

Supports All-I (All-Intra) recording which helps make data smaller in size and easier to edit at the same time.

Shutter angle display

The SIGMA fp can display the shutter angle, a feature commonly found on professional cinema cameras.

Zebra patterning

The SIGMA fp has a zebra pattern display, which shows areas of the image that are of specified brightness levels in stripes. This helps to check for overblown highlights and adjust exposure accordingly.

Supports time code

In the Cine mode, the SIGMA fp supports time code recording, which is useful in video editing. It offers either “Free Run” or “Rec Run,” and also switch between “Drop frame (DF)” and “Non- drop frame (NDF),” which allows the camera to send time code via HDMI output.

Supports UVC(USB Video Class)

By simply connecting it to a PC via USB, the SIGMA fp can be used as a webcam. It is capable of recording audio while shooting a video. It will bring a full-frame camera quality to live streaming.

*The camera menu setting for connecting to UVC devices is to become available via firmware update scheduled at a later date.

Supports external SSD recording

With a built-in USB host inside the camera, the SIGMA fp supports high-speed recording to external SSBs.

Waveform display

The SIGMA fp has a waveform display that shows video data to check the video in a numerical manner based on its signal information.


The SIGMA fp uses the L-Mount, characterized by a short flange focal length, large diameter, and superior durability. Thanks to the L-Mount Alliance, L-Mount lenses from Leica Camera AG and Panasonic Corporation can also be used on the SIGMA fp, realizing a camera system with great scalability. Furthermore, SIGMA SA mount lenses designed for previous lines of SIGMA cameras from one’s lens investment can be used by applying the SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21.

SIGMA fp – 7 shooting style suggestions

Minimal at its basic, with maximum combination possibilities. The concept of “having the camera to suit human needs” has opened up various shooting style choices.

Sigma fp Snap style

Sigma fp Snap style

Sigma fp Portrait style

Sigma fp Portrait style

Sigma fp Field style

Sigma fp Field style

Sigma fp Streaming style

Sigma fp Streaming style

Sigma fp Cinema style

Sigma fp Cinema style

Sigma fp Gimbal style

Sigma fp Gimbal style

Sigma fp Drone style

Sigma fp Drone style

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