Shure FP32 Portable Stereo Audio Mixer


This Shure FF32 is a portable stereo mixer for electronic news gathering, electric field production, or film production.

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This Shure FP32 is a portable stereo mixer for electronic news gathering, electric field production, or film production. This very small mixer provides all the most needed features and quality for professional stereo broadcast remotes.



  • Inputs:
    • Three transformer-coupled, 3-socket XLR-connector inputs; each switchable to low-impedance microphone or line level
    • Phantom (simplex) or A-B(T) power for condenser microphones available at each microphone input
    • Built-in tone oscillator for level checks or line tests
    • Slate microphone with automatic gain control (AGC) for take identification or for emergency use
    • Slate tone for identifying take locations during editing
    • Stereo monitor input for headphone listening to external signal with no interruption of broadcast or taping function of mixer
  • Outputs:
    • Transformer coupled, Left and Right 3-pin XLR-connector outputs, each switchable either to low-impedance balanced microphone or to 600-ohm balanced line-level
    • Left and Right tape outputs to feed tape recorder inputs or other unbalanced Aux-level inputs
    • Two stereo headphone jacks (8 to 2,000 ohms, 1/4-inch and 3.4 mm jacks) driven by stereo headphone power amplifier with separate phones level control. Either or both jacks can drive Aux or unbalanced line-level inputs.
  • Controls & Indicators:
    • Active-feedback-type input gain controls permit direct input of high-level sources without input attenuators
    • Pan pots, with center detent, for each input permit infinitely variable assignment of input signals to left or right outputs
    • Lo-Cut filters available at each input to reduce extraneous low-frequency interference
    • Built-in Limiter with adjustable threshold – prevents output clipping of mixer or input overload of amplifier, telephone line, or tape deck
    • LED indicator flashes during Limiter operation or to signal overload with Limiter defeated
    • Professional dual VU meters for Left and Right channels, factory set for 0 VU = +4 dBm, internally adjustable for other VU levels
    • VU lamp, stays illuminated while push button is depressed, automatic 4-second turnoff after button is released
    • Battery check function with readout on VU meter
    • Dual clutched Master gain control for individually adjustable or tracking Left and Right levels at Lin/Mic and Tape outputs, as well as Tone Oscillator and Slate Mic levels
    • Phone level control adjusts output at both headphone jacks
  • Power:
    • Mixer is powered by two (2) standard 9V alkaline batteries that also supply phantom power for condenser microphones
    • Phantom power input jack for use with external phantom supply
    • Extremely low battery drain provides 6-hour minimum battery life under normal conditions
    • Separate 9V alkaline battery supplies A-B power for condenser microphones; third battery is not required if A-B power is not used
    • Spring-loaded battery compartment prevents incorrect insertion of batteries; batteries available for replacement instantly when compartment door is opened
    • Mixer can be externally powered from any 11 to 18 Vdc source such as: battery belt pack, automotive electrical system, video tape recorder, or low-ripple ac power converter