Sennheiser MD46 On-The-Air cardioid Microphone


This Sennheiser MD46 On-The-Air Omni microphone focuses on the subject, increasing clarity while reducing background noise

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This Sennheiser MD46 On-The-Air Omni microphone focuses on the subject, increasing clarity while reducing background noise. Designed to deliver low handling and wind noise, and to eliminate vocal popping, this microphone gives the ENG team an ideal interview tool, so it is specially tuned for interview situations. Special design avoids wind and handling noise problems. Metal housing.

The Sennheiser MD46 is a handheld cardioid ENG microphone that features a balanced handle, wind attenuation, and off-axis rejection. It is designed to possess an extended high-frequency response, warm lows, and a clean midrange. The MD46’s cardioid polar pattern focuses on the subject, increasing clarity.


  • Rugged all-metal body
  • Extremely low sensitivity to handling noise
  • Very insensitive to pop and wind noise
  • Uniform frequency response
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Integral microphone clamp thread
  • Double layer grille basket
  • Cardioid dynamic capsule
  • Low handling noise
  • Long handle with excellent balance


  • SKP 2000
  • SKP 3000
  • SKP 100 G3
  • SKP 300 G3