Parts & Service

Fusion Cine is Sony's Official
Service Center for Western Canada

Sony certified service and warranty work is performed at our Vancouver, BC location for everything Sony:

Professional & Broadcast Audio & Video Equipment

Projectors & Video Conferencing

DSLR & Prosumer Electronics

AV Equipment

Everything else in between!

Get a 50% rental discount on similar model equipment rented from Fusion Cine while your equipment is in our care being repaired!

*This rental discount is subject to equipment availability.

Purchased your Sony product out-of-country? Save time, money and hassle and repair your product right here at our service center.

*This work is a billable service,

Remember: If it’s Sony, and it has to be repaired right, then Fusion Cine has got you all fixed up!

Component, board level and cosmetic repairs
Broadcast and Professional Video equipment



Camera Control
Units (CCUs)

Video Tape

System Equipment

Robotic Cameras

Wireless Audio

Video Conferencing

and more

Your equipment is in good hands.

We regularly order parts from

and more

Not sure about repair?

We can evaluate your equipment and provide you with an estimate for $120 (waived after ordering a repair)

Need an official clean bill
of health?

We will provide a document listing condition, firmware installed, hours, and such.

Finished your production in
a mine in Chili?

We have seen worse and we can clean it!

Fresh from our engineering bench to you.

BNC (HD-SDI) cables

Audio cables

Multi-core audio/video cables

Power cables

Control cables including start/stop cables, etc.

Cable testing/repair

Power supply modification (connectors, etc.)

Battery mount replacement/modification

Battery and accessory mounting solutions/modifications

Hirose, LEMO, Anton Bauer, Canare, Mogami, Radial, and more

Our facility

Through our passion for digital innovation, and commitment to outstanding
customer service, we strive to work with each client to achieve their goals.

Interested in working with us? Let us help!