Fujinon XK20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio Premier Lens (PL Mount)

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The PL 20-120mm Cabrio XK (XK6x20) features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-Style lens. The XK6x20 also features flange focal distance adjustment, macro function, and is LDS (Lens Data System) and /i metadata compatible. With a 20-120mm focal range, weight of only 2.9kg including servo motors, a T Stop of T3.5 end to end, The Cabrio XK is sure to become the "go to" lens.

Videographers used to shooting video in a typical ENG-style will be very comfortable with the servo. Cinematographers will also be right at home with this lens. With the detachable drive removed, the lens is set to accept industry standard cine motors and matte boxes. Plus, the lens has all the lens data output that appeals to a Cine-style shooter. LDS and /i metadata compatibility is very useful when you want to record the position information of zoom, iris and focus for computer animation and other uses.

The digital servo on the 20-120mm Cabrio XK has 16-bit encoding, so operators can be assured that all lens data output is extremely accurate.

The 20-120mm covers S35 sensor size (Super 35 Film Format - 24.84 x 13.97mm) PL 20 – 120mm on a digital cinema style camera. While sensors on standard broadcast cameras are all the same size, sensors on digital cine cameras vary greatly. This new zoom ensures the image captured will cover large sensors for optimal, full-frame resolution. A nine-blade iris part of the design as well, creating the most natural-looking imagery possible.

Barrel markings are luminous for visibility in dark shooting situations. Distances are listed in feet or meters and can be changed in the field.

The 20-120mm can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers, as well as existing Fujinon wired and wireless units. Whether you are from a film background or a video one, the Premier PL 20-120mm offers uncompromising quality and unprecedented flexibility.


Focal Length 20mm~120mm

The XK6x20 boasts an impressive 20mm-120mm focal length, giving you coverage of a wide range of angles of view required for imaging production. The capability to frame and shoot all your shots with this single zoom lens without lens changes required when shooting with a prime lenses both frees your creativity and accelerates work for shooting efficiency on location.

T3.5 Speed across the Entire Zoom Range

X6x20 achieves T3.5 across the full zoom range, By letting the operator shoot with a constant and stable T-number from wide angle to telephoto shots, this lens not only eases operation, but also delivers sharp imaging across the entire zoom range, expanding your ability to capture superb 4K quality in a wider variety of locations and scenes.

0.8mm Gear Pitch

Focus, zoom and iris adopt the industry-standard gear pitch of 0.8mm, enabling utilization of existing follow focus units and other standard cine accessories.

Large Focus Rotation Degree

Accurate focusing is facilitated by the large 200° focus rotation degree and the fine precision of the focus ring.

Smooth Focus Torque

Free of torque changes and jerkiness, the smooth rotation of the focus ring ensures comfortable operation and the confidence to achieve the extremely sharp image demanded of a high-quality cine lens.

Index with high visibility

High clarity of the index markings and high visibility of our original font make lens operation of a true pleasure. Focus scale is available in feet or meters depending on the user's preference.

Detachable Drive Unit

Drawing on over half a century of broadcast technologies, FUJINON has equipped this lens with an advanced detachable drive unit as a standard feature. This hybridization results in a cine lens with the same superb operability of a broadcast lens.

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