Lectrosonics SRb5P Dual-Channel Slot Mount Wireless ENG Receiver Kit for Cameras

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The Lectrosonics SRb5P Dual-Channel Slot Mount ENG Receiver Kit is designed to install in the wireless receiver slots found on professional video cameras, and includes the Lectrosonics SRSNY adapter kit for complete compatibility with the slots and inputs found on Sony cameras.

Includes Lectrosonics SMV Super Miniature Wireless Microphone Transmitter (Freq Block 21) and SRSNY Sony Adapter Kit.

The receiver itself features two independent digital hybrid wireless UHF receivers in a single lightweight body. The SRb5P provides an additional audio output next to the front panel for use with cameras that have only one audio input in the mounting slot. One channel can feed the connector in the camera slot, and the second channel can be connected to the external audio jack on the camera with a cable. An optional accessory enables you to power the SRb5P Receiver with L and M type rechargeable batteries. With a pair of Lectrosonics transmitters, the SRb5P makes for a formidable wireless solution for the discerning production professional who needs to reliably capture broadcast ready audio.

Lectrosonics SRb5P Camera Slot UHF Receiver (Block 19)

The Lectrosonics SRb5P Camera Slot UHF Receiver (Block 19) is a two-channel slot-mount Digital Hybrid Wireless diversity receiver that supports 486.400 - 511.900 MHz operating frequencies. The SRb5P receiver offers two independent channels and fits into the standard video camera slots found on professional cameras. The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input. Plus, a DSP compatibility mode allows the SRb5P to be used with Lectrosonics IFB transmitters.

The device's RF performance is extremely stable over a very wide temperature range, making the receiver well suited for the rough environmental conditions found in field production. The front panel features a menu-driven LCD interface and four membrane switches which are used to view and alter settings. The main LCD window displays the pilot tone indicator, diversity activity, RF level, audio level and transmitter battery status for both receivers.

Other features include SmartSquelch for noiseless muting and a built-in spectrum analyzer scans across the tuning range of the receiver to locate RF signals in the vicinity find clear operating frequencies. The two internal receivers can be operated separately, each using switching, antenna combining diversity, or in tandem with ratio diversity reception. Clear frequencies are easily found with the built-in RF spectrum scanner and graphical LCD. The audio outputs of the receivers can be mixed internally, or left separated for discrete recording tracks or external mixing.

Operating Frequencies 486.400 - 511.900 MHz
Frequency Adjustment Range 25.5 MHz (in 100 kHz steps)
Channel Separation 100 kHz
Receiver Type Dual conversion (superheterodyne)
IF Frequency Channel 1: 248.450 MHz and 350.000 kHz
Channel 2: 243.950 MHz and 250.000 kHz
Frequency Stability ±0.001%
Bandwidth 26 MHz at -3 dB (front end bandwidth)
Sensitivity 20 dB SINAD: 1.0 uV (-107 dBm) A weighted
60 dB Quieting: 2.2 uV (-100 dBm) A weighted
Squelch Quieting >100 dB (typical)
AM Rejection >60 dB (4 uV to 1 V)
Modulation Acceptance 85 kHz
Image & Spurious Rejection 85 dB
Third Order Intercept 0 dBm
Diversity Method SmartDiversity phased antenna combining or Ratio Diversity using both receivers for a single audio channel
FM Detector Digital Pulse Counting Detector operating at 250 and 350 kHz
RF Spectrum Analyzer Coarse and fine scanning modes for RF spectrum site survey
Antenna Inputs 50 ohms (SMA female connectors)
Audio Outputs Interchangeable D connector adapters for camera slot interfaces
Dual TA3 male (mini XLR) balanced output adapter
Balanced output adapter with fixed cables
Two additional balanced audio outputs (standard TA5M 5-pin connector)
Front Panel Audio Output Front panel TA5M with two balanced outputs
Audio Output Level Adjustable -50 to +5 dBu in 1 dB steps (unbalanced output is 6 dB lower)
Audio Channel Crosstalk -80 dB or better
Front Panel Controls and Indicators Sealed panel with membrane switches
LCD monitors pilot tone
Antenna phase
Receiver battery level
Transmitter battery status
Audio level
RF level
Audio Test Tone 1 kHz (±5 dBu balanced output); 1% THD
Transmitter Battery Type Selection 9V alkaline
9V lithium
AA alkaline
AA lithium
Phase Invert Audio output phase normal or inverted
SmartNR (Noise Reduction) Off, Normal and Full modes (Available in Digital Hybrid mode only)
Audio Performance (Overall System) Frequency Response: 32 Hz to 20 kHz (±1 dB)
THD (System): 0.3% typical in Digital Hybrid mode
THD (400 Series Mode): 0.2% typical
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 95 dB or better (overall system, Digital Hybrid mode)
Input Dynamic Range: 95 dB (with full Tx limiting)
Rear Panel Controls XLR audio output jack
External DC input
Battery compartment access
Power DC 6 - 18V (1.4W)
Current Consumption 90 mA at 18 VDC
120 mA at 12 VDC
195 mA at 7.2 VDC
210 mA at 6 VDC
Runtime with SRBATTSLED Adapter 7.2V (2200 mA) "L" style battery will typically provide about 11 hours of operation
Battery Level Indicator LCD display with "bottle" icon and timer readout
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 2.7 x 0.7 x 3.5" (68 x 18 x 89 mm)
Weight 6.9 oz (195 g) with SRaEXT adapter

What's Included

  • SRb5P Camera Slot UHF Receiver (Block 19)
  • SRSNY Mounting Kit for Sony

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