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CINEGEARS is proud to introduce the worlds first Wireless Focus Finger Wheel Controller-Espresso.

It is a smallest wireless solution for solo camera operation. The unit sports an REC trigger, a small LED screen, a focus wheel, and the ability to store up to two focus presets.

With our latest Wireless Espresso Controller, you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 100 meters away. It also comes with the detachable larger follow focus wheel. It allows users to control lens focus and camera REC start/stop from finger tip, making it perfect for jib, Steadicam, or MoVI shots. The build in Panasonic rechargeable batter provides up to 8 working hours power. 15 digital speed mood for smooth ?transition from 2 focus preset. You won’t find anything more compact or functional. Pick up this ultra durable unit from the store.


  • Small, Light, Durable finger wheel
  • Full sized wheel
  • LED screen to show focus depth
  • Set up to two focus presets
  • Remote REC trigger
  • 100 Meter Wireless control Range
  • Mountable Side bracket
  • Adjustable finger wheel
  • USB charger 8 Hour internal battery
  • Compact design

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