Amphibico Amphibicam Underwater Housing for Sony EX3

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Specifically designed for the Sony® PMW-EX3 camcorder and Convergent Designs nanoFlash recorder. This Hybrid delight is a compact housing that boasts the full access of the Sony® PMW-EX3 camcorder controls and has an optional built in accessory panel to access the Convergent Designs nanoFlash recorder.

The optional accessory panel accesses the Convergent Designs nanoFlash recorder using mechanical buttons to have full control of the recorders functions. With the seamless design of the product any professional will be able to reach beyond his potential producing stunning results.

With a ton of features to keep any pro thrilled, you will find all the important features such as White Balance, ND Filter, Gain, Shutter Speed, Iris, Zoom, and Manual Focus are all at your fingertips.

Some might call it the little brother of the HD Amphibicam with matching features, except it is better suited for travel with its compact size.

Superior balancing and handling

Sooner than you expect, in its underwater debut, it shows off its finest moments with superior balancing and handling. It brings to the videographer a sense of being one with the housing while allowing any diver the freedom to enjoy the experience.

Great ergonomic design

Great ergonomic design follows in the wake of past Amphibico greats, like the HD Amphibicam F900.

Meticulous engineering

Amphibico's continued innovation brings to the forefront the meticulous engineering that satisfies the most discerning videographer, who expects no less than perfection.

High quality professional video

High Definition images that dazzle the eye with a splendour of sharpness making this a must have for any videographer seeking to add high quality professional video edits to their portfolio.

The Amphibico brand has always been associated with high quality construction and reliability, and this is no different with the XDAmphibicam X3 Hybrid Marine U/W housing.


  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Fully Anodized with a hard coat of Polyurethane paint and a clear coat
  • All Hardware is Marine Grade Brass and Stainless Steel
  • Optics: Marine Bayonet Mounted Lens System, Dome Port.
  • Equipped with a window to view the camcorder's own HD LCD Monitor
  • Color bar display
  • Sensitive Dual Hydrophones to pick up high frequency sounds, such as whales and dolphins
  • Tally light flashes green while filming
  • Visual leak alarm on both grips
  • Secure Lockable Safety Latches
  • Bayonet Mounted Lens System
  • 4 Auxiliary ports to serve as video out or audio feeds
General SpecificationsDetail
XDAmphibicam X3 Features Mechanical power ON/OFF switch
Mechanical controlled ND filter selection
Mechanical controlled manual focus wheel
Electronic variable zoom wheel
Manual Iris wheel
Electronic push button controls to access up to 14 functions Record/Pause
Record review
Auto/Manual IRIS
Gain selection
Manual white balance
Feature to toggle between WB A, B and preset
Shutter ON/OFF
Shutter speed selection
Menu display
Menu navigation panel (cancel, +, -, exec)
Weight (on land) With weight ballasts ready to dive with camera: 45.9 lbs (20.8 kg)
Without weight ballasts, but with camera: 41.9 lbs (19.0 kg)
Without weight ballasts or camera: 34.8 lbs (15.8 kg)
Operating Depth 330 ft (100m)
Weight (in water) Neutral
Dimensions 20.5x15.1x14.5" or 521 mm x 384 mm x 368 mm (LxWxH)


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