Litepanels MiniPlus 5600K Daylight Camera Lite Kit

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This Litepanels MiniPlus 5600K Daylight Camera Lite Kit contains a great foundation for the gun-and-run videographer to build upon to meet his or her specific needs. It's also great for those who own multiple MiniPlus batteries and wish to round out their system with additional lights.

The MiniPlus fixture contains a 140 LED array configured for a 50 degree beam spread; a valuable feature when you need to cover a wide area when working close. At close range control becomes critical so MiniPlus dims from 100 - 0% with minimal color shift. An optional 6' dimming module with 2 10' extensions is available for remote dimming.

Other options include a snap-in 12V battery that powers the light for up to 2 hours. A convenient "fuel gauge" indicator lets you know when to swap batteries. The light is alternately runs on a universal AC power supply / charger. The kit includes a conversion gel kit to balance your daylight MiniPlus with tungsten sources, as well as a ball head for flexible positioning on-camera and a D-Tap power cable.


  • LED Flood Fixture
  • Ball Head Shoe Mount
  • D-Tap Battery Cable
  • 6 Piece CTO Gel Set
  • 100 - 0% Dimming
  • Optional 2 Hour Battery
  • Flicker-free, Minimal Color Shift
  • 50,000+ Hour LED Life
  • Only 9.6 oz (0.36 kg)
General Specifications Details
Lamp Type LED
Mount Type Stand, shoe or ball head
Distance: 2' / 0.6 m = 100 footcandles / 1,100 lux
Distance: 4' / 1.2 m = 26 footcandles / 280 lux
Distance: 6' / 1.8 m = 13 footcandles / 140 lux
Power Power supply: DC (battery): 10 - 30V
AC adapter 100 - 240V AC
Power Draw: 0.7 amps at 12V DC (8.4W)
Power Connector D-Tap cable
Dimensions 6.83 x 2.30 x 1.18" (173 x 60 x 30 mm)
Weight 9.6 oz (0.36 kg)

What's included

  • Litepanels MiniPlus 5600K Daylight Camera Lite Kit (1 Flood)
  • MiniPlus 5600K LED AC/DC Spot (100-240VAC/10-30VDC)
  • Mini Ball Mount Adapter
  • CTO Gel Set for MiniPlus
  • ABP016 12 VDC Power Cord - Mini Plug to Power-Tap

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