THELIGHT Velvet Light 2 Rainproof 1x2 Feet LED Panel

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THELIGHT Velvet Light 2 Rainproof 1x2 Feet LED Panel is a robust and rainproof 1×2 feet LED panel producing velvety soft light.


100% aluminum body. Robust and rainproof IP54, made to endure the tougher shooting conditions on any location or studio.

High quality OSRAM LED. THELIGHT electronics and the one-piece aluminum heatsink keep the LED in the optimum temperature to last beyond 50.000 hours.


Incredibly soft and wraparound quality light to easily get beauty shots and natural portraits.

VELVET LIGHT 2 is so efficient to deliver 450 Lux / 42 fc of soft light at 3 meters / 10 feet with a power draw of just 150W.


VELVET is more than tungsten and daylight in the same unit: you can precisely adjust color temperature from 2700 to 6500K.


CRI 95 with no green deviation to get perfect skin tones and real colors with any HD or photo camera

Professional and consistent color rendition

Absolutely consistent lamp to lamp to mix as many units as you wish and get exactly the same light quality and color reproduction.

AC/DC Powerred

VELVET light is always ready to operate worldwide:

Using any battery from 24 to 35 VDC

With Vlock or Gold battery mount

With universal AC power 90-264 VAC

General SpecificationsDetails
COLOUR TEMPERATURE adjustable from 2700K to 6500K
LIGHT INTENSITY Dimmable 0 to 100 (smooth and flicker-free)
DIMENSIONS 670x308x68mm / 26x12x2,7″ panel
768x435x68mm / 30x17x2,7″ panel + yoke
WEIGHT 6 kg / 13,2 lbs panel
7,4 kg / 16,3 lbs panel + yoke
POWER DRAW 150W (10,4 Amps at 14,4 VDC – 0,65 Amps at 230VAC)
14,4V DC Vlock or Gold mount battery
90-264V AC 50/60Hz
PHOTOMETRICS 3600 Lux / 334 fc at 1m / 3 feet
450 Lux / 42 fc at 3m / 10 feet
LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours
COOLING No-noise, fan-free passive cooling
PROTECTION IP54 rain and dust proof, indoor or outdoor use
CONSTRUCTION & FINISH Made of black anodized extruded aluminum and black powder coated sheet aluminum
VELVET LED TECHNOLOGY OSRAM selected BIN LED + optic diffuser + CPU software control
ACCESSORIES AC power supply, Vlock or Gold adapter, foldable Snapgrid, DMX 512 splitter, cable in&out, remote contol, removable barn doors, cordura case, hard case.
RIGGING OPTIONS aluminum yoke with 16 female combined with 28 pin, multiple ¼-20 threads for rigging, quick link swivel ball head, multipanels yokes.

What's Included

  • 1x Velvet2 LED panel IP54
  • 1x yoke with 28mm male-16mm female spigot

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