Extron SW4 3G HD-SDI Switcher

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The Extron SW4 3G HD-SDI is a multi-rate SDI digital video switcher. It is a convenient and economical solution for switching up to four HD-SDI signals as well as embedded audio, ancillary ID and metadata information.

The switcher automatically recognizes and adapts to common SMPTE and ITU serial digital data rates, including 270 Mbps SDI, 1.485 Gbps HD-SDI, and 2.97 Gbps 3G-SDI.

The switcher is housed in a compact, 1U high, half-rack width metal enclosure that is suitable for rack mounted or mobile applications. The SW4 3G HD-SDI is ideal for applications where multi-rate HD-SDI digital video signals must be switched and then sent over long cable runs.

  • Inputs: Four female BNC connectors
  • Outputs: Two female BNC connectors
  • Automatically adapts to SMPTE and ITU digital video standards for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI
  • Supports data rates from 270 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
  • Passes embedded audio, ancillary ID and metadata information
  • Input data rate reporting — Reads video signals on each input and reports recognized data rates on the front panel as well as via RS-232. This provides visual and control system feedback of common SDI and HD-SDI input data rates.
  • Automatic input equalization — Compensates for attenuation and distortion on the incoming signal and automatically equalizes cables in length up to a maximum of 500 feet (150 m).
  • Automatic output reclocking — Reshapes and restores timing of digital video signals at each output, eliminating high frequency jitter and provides AV system designers with additional headroom when connecting multiple devices.
  • Auto-input switching — Automatically switches to the highest-numbered input with an active video signal.
  • Dual buffered outputs — Allow for simultaneous viewing and recording of the selected input signal, eliminating the cost of a separate distribution amplifier.
  • Video output muting — The video output can be muted via RS-232 allowing the user to control when video is viewable at both outputs.
  • Front panel security lockout — Prevents unauthorized use in non-secure environments. In lockout mode, a special button combination is required to operate the switcher from the front panel controller.
  • Internal  power supply — Provides worldwide power compatibility, with high‑demonstrated reliability and low power consumption for reduced operating cost
  • Extron Everlast Power Supply is covered by a 7‑year parts and labor warranty
   Gain Unity
   Resolution 8 or 10 bits, automatic
   Operation standards SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 424M, ITU-R BT.601, ITU-R BT.1120, DVB-ASI (output 1 only)
   Auto data rate lock Yes
Video input
   Number/signal type 4 single link SDI, HD-SDI, or 3G-SDI digital component video
   Connectors 4 female BNC
   Data rates 19 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
   Input cable equalization Automatic for up to -30 dB of cable loss
      HD-SDI 120 m (400') using Extron RG6 cable
60 m (200') using Extron RG59 cable
      SDI 150 m (500') using Extron RG6 cable
120 m (400') using Extron RG59 cable
   Nominal level 0.8 Vp-p ±10%
   Minimum/maximum levels 0.5 V to 1 Vp-p with no offset
   Impedance 75 ohms
   Return loss <-15 dB @ 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz
Video output
   Number/signal type 2 single link SDI, HD-SDI, or 3G-SDI digital component video
   Connectors 2 female BNC
   Re-clocking Automatic for 270 Mbps, 1.485 Gbps, 2.97 Gbps, or bypassed for other rates
   Nominal level 0.8 Vp-p ±10%
   Minimum/maximum levels 0.5 V to 1.0 Vp-p
   Impedance 75 ohms
   Return loss <-15 dB @ 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz
   DC offset ±5 mV with input at 0 offset
Control/remote — switcher
   Serial control port RS-232, 3.5 mm captive screw connector, 3 pole
   Baud rate and protocol 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
   Program control Extron control/configuration program for Windows®
Extron Simple Instruction Set (SIS)
   Power 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 4 watts, internal
   Temperature/humidity Storage: -40 to +158 °F (-40 to +70 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
Operating: +32 to +122 °F (0 to +50 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
   Cooling Convection, no vents
      Rack mount With optional 1U rack shelf
   Enclosure type Metal
   Enclosure dimensions 1.7" H x 8.7" W x 6.0" D (1U high, half rack wide)
(4.3 cm H x 22.1 cm W x 15.2 cm D)
(Depth excludes connectors.)
   Product weight 1 lb (0.5 kg)
   Shipping weight 2 lbs (1 kg)
   Vibration ISTA 1A in carton (International Safe Transit Association)
   Regulatory compliance 
      Safety CE, c-UL, UL
      EMI/EMC CE, C-tick, FCC Class A, ICES, VCCI


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