Coming to Vancouver on November 24.

Alister Chapman presents 'Sony FX9 Workshops'.

In this workshop, Alister will take a look at Sony’s Venice digital cinema camera and the new PXW-FX9 camera.

Why is Venice proving to be such a big hit with movie shooters?
What is it about the FX9 that makes it a worthy upgrade to the already very successful FS7?

Discover how Sony’s E-mount brings flexibility and versatility to almost all of Sony’s large sensor cameras, from the A7 series to Venice. Through practical demonstrations, you will see for yourself just how good the FX9’s autofocus system is and learn about how Sony’s E-Mount lenses are designed with video in mind. Learn exactly how the dual ISO function of both Venice and the FX9 works. Then with low light shooting tests you will see how you can make use of dual ISO to maximize your image quality whatever the lighting situation.

With the help of a skin tone shooting test you will learn more about the FX9’s S-Cinetone mode as well as s709. You will see how Sony’s new color science can make it easier to produce beautiful looking images, whether that’s for a fast turnaround run and gun shoot with an FX9 or a big-budget movie shoot using Venice - or perhaps a mix of both. By starting with the lens and lens options, looking at the cameras different scan modes and recording modes, shooting sample footage and then looking at how to work with the footage in post-production you will gain useful insight into how to get the very best from a broad range of Sony’s large sensor cameras.

This will be an intensive, informative and educational workshop where questions are welcome. Your chance to learn so much about these exciting cameras and a chance to try them for yourself. 


Sim Camera + Playback Vancouver location at: 

3645 Grandview Hwy

Vancouver BC V5M 2G7


Sunday, November 24th 2019 - 12pm - 4pm

More details and invitation will follow shortly.

Sony PXW-FX9 Event with Alister Chapman